TYBOUT is a collection of seasonless silhouettes rendered in exotic materials and finishes.
Thoughtful by design, each piece hosts a suite of functional touches—from card sleeves and money pockets to Swiss-designed notions throughout the line. Each TYBOUT bag is handcrafted on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

With this purchase, you are directly supporting a long lineage of incredibly talented independent craftsmen and women whose livelihoods are being increasingly threatened by outsourcing to cheaper, less sustainable factories in China and other countries. We thank you for joining us in our efforts to support independent craftsman and celebrate the continuation of a long-standing heritage of quality, passionate tailoring, leatherwork and artistry in Indonesia.

All python is sourced from sustainable farms local to Indonesia and purchased at a premium. Portions of these costs support not only the farms but also maintaining the native habitats of pythons and other wildlife native to Indonesia.